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Ninja Lab Tech April 3rd, 2005

Dark Cloud - Re-Retroview
We Built This City 2/5 Reader Review Otterland
Arc the Lad II - Re-Retroview
The Long Haul 2/5 Reader Review Otterland
Shining Tears - Review
Multiplayer Rarity 3/5 Staff Review Anna Marie Whitehead
Shining Tears - Review
They're Not Tears of Joy 1/5 Staff Review Derek 'Roku' Cavin

Closing Time

[04/03/2005]   This week's title is from Musashi Samurai Legend. I just thought it was a bit funny that they worked so hard to train a ninja then used them a lab techs instead. Then again, Musashi can beat most of their "well trained" ninjas without even breaking a sweat, so maybe it's not such a waste after all. Hmm...

   Anyway, as for the big news, well, we're not switching back to /10, but I do have some good news for those looking for more scoring options. We just received the okay to give .5s for overall scores. This means that 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, and 5 are all acceptable options. 3 will remain average, but now there are 4 choices above and 4 below instead of 2 each way. As this was just recently announced, it will take us a little while to get the archives and everything else set up for this change, but you're welcome to send in reviews with these changes anyway. Just keep in mind that this change only applies to the overall scores.

   Anyway, this week we have two re-retroviews from the Duke of Otterland: Dark Cloud and Arc the Lad II. We also have two reviews of Shining Tears that look at the game from two perspectives that Paws and I wrote up for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

   Until next week...

Derek 'Roku' Cavin makes appropriate changes to templates and subpages...



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