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Ten Again! April 1st, 2005

Fallout - Retroview
I Critically Hit the Sheriff 9/10 Staff Review John Boske
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Review
If this was D&D, it'd be Dungeons & Demons 9/10 Staff Review Brian Hagen
Dark Age of Camelot: Platinum Edition - Retroview
"Copper? Maybe. Platinum? No." 3/10 Staff Review Heath Hindman
Musashi Samurai Legend - Review
The Straw That Broke Musashi's Back 6/10 Staff Review Derek 'Roku' Cavin

Closing Time

[04/01/2005]   Okay! Obviously there are some changes in store in this special bonus mid-week update. So, what caused the switch back to /10? Well, in addition to the nagging from readers and staff, this editorial I wrote up and submitted a few days ago really pushed it over the edge. The editorial will go up officially in next week's Editorials column, but you can get a sneak peak now. Anyway, we have new templates and all the subpages have been updated, so make sure you check those out. Obviously there are still a few minor problems in switching back, but we're almost there. If you wrote a review while under /5 scoring, please send us your /10 version of the scores. There's no need to rewrite your entire review, so don't worry. Just the scores will do.

   Anyway, several members of the staff were so overjoyed to see /10 return that they each whipped up a review to go up. As it's really late at night, I won't go into any heavy details, but we do have four reviews. They are of Fallout, Shin Megami Tensei III, Dark Ages of Camelot Platinum, and Musashi Samurai legend by Karlinn, Choco, Rage, and myself respectively. Enjoy.

   Until next week...

Derek 'Roku' Cavin dreams happy dreams of /10...



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