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[12/26/2004]   We have plenty of old and oldschool style RPG reviews for you this week. First off, we have another high score for Dragon Warrior VII by a new reviewer, Cammy. We also have reviews of some old Square games: Chocobo Dungeon 2 and Final Fantasy IX by kupomogli and Solon respectively. Kupomogli also brings us a review of the new tactical RPG with and oldschool look and charm: Growlanser 2. Finally, Lord Klaxor reviews the entire Growlanser Generations collection and Rage shares his opinion of the new Ultima Online expansion.

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 This Week's Reviews
Dragon Warrior VII - Retroview
Dragon Warrior 7 5/5 Reader Review Cammy
Growlanser II - Review
A generation of justice. 4/5 Reader Review kupomogli
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 - Retroview
Chocobo and Mog, in their own RPG 4/5 Reader Review kupomogli
Final Fantasy IX - Retroview
Place of Memory 3/5 Reader Review Solon
Growlanser II - Review
WTB Ring Weapon 4/5 Staff Review Christopher Beaupre
Growlanser III - Review
Random Dungeons make Reviewers Cry 3/5 Staff Review Christopher Beaupre
Growlanser Generations - Review
Growlanser II > Growlanser III 3/5 Staff Review Christopher Beaupre
Ultima Online: Samurai Empire - Review
We Must Kung-Fu Fight! 3/5 Staff Review Heath Hindman

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