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[12/05/2004]   There certainly is a strange "numbering" system in that series. It'll probably get confusing sooner or later. Anyway, the Challenge deadline has passed. We simply need to judge the entries now for next week's special update. Special thanks to everyone who participated in this event.

As for this week's reviews, we get a sneak peak at Minish Cap thanks to Solon since it was released early where he lives. We also have a bunch of re-reviews/retroviews from Duke Otterland to accompany his brand new Beyond the Beyond review. Now if you'll excuse me I have to find my SNES power cable so I can begin this legendary least I would if not for finals.

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 This Week's Reviews
Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Review
...where the smallest puddle becomes a terrible swamp! 3/5 Reader Review Solon
Beyond the Beyond - Retroview
What possessed me to play this game is beyond me... 1/5 Reader Review Otterland
Breath of Fire - Re-Retroview
The Dragon Knight 3/5 Reader Review Otterland
Breath of Fire II - Re-Retroview
The Child of the Mission 2/5 Reader Review Otterland
SaGa Frontier - Re-Retroview
A SaGa of the Unbalanced 3/5 Reader Review Otterland
La Pucelle Tactics - Re-Review
Virgin Tactics 3/5 Reader Review Otterland
Arc The Lad III - Re-Retroview
Bounties Galore with a Story to Bore 3/5 Reader Review Otterland
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - Retroview
The twilight of a series? 3/5 Reader Review Otterland

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