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[11/21/2004]   First of all, special thanks to everyone who chipped in and helped make full updates possible for both this week and next week. Second of all, I'm sure you're all wondering about the title of this week's update, so here's the deal. We're offering a challenge for anyone who wants to review Final Fantasy V or Diablo. The best review received for each will be the winner of course, and the reviewer will receive voice status in the IRC and a hearty congratulations.

We have quite a variety of reviews this week from both console and PC. Let's give a nice warm welcome to our two new reviewers: Johan Jakobsson and mogexpress.

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 This Week's Reviews
Grandia II (PC) - Retroview
the game that plot forgot 1/5 Reader Review Johan Jakobsson
Final Fantasy IV - Retroview
The greatest of all the crystals 5/5 Reader Review Mogexpress
Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Review
What a sequel should be like 4/5 Reader Review Solon
Legend of Legaia - Retroview
"Trees are terrific!" 3/5 Reader Review Otterland
Legaia 2: Duel Saga - Retroview
Legaia grows up...sort of. 3/5 Reader Review Otterland
X-Men: Legends - Review
Look, ma! Three eyes! 3/5 Staff Review Jeff Walker
Beyond the Beyond - Retroview
Beyond Hope 1/5 Staff Review Derek Cavin
Dragon Valor - Retroview
Mindless Dragon Slaying 2/5 Staff Review Derek Cavin

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