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[11/14/2004]   This event has been building up for quite some time now. The Duke of Otterland has only been here since March 2003, but his contribution to Points of View has been far from small. This week he reaches and passes the one hundred review mark. This gives him twice as many reviews as are needed to attain the rank of Platinum. Anyway, here he is:

Who would’ve thought that a random nobody from the heart of Texas would rise from the ashes and write an epic one hundred reviews for RPGamer? I was hoping for another status, such as Adamantium, but all I get is this blurb, I suppose. ANYWAY, it was well over a year ago that I began my reviewing career as just another fanboyish reviewer for the site, and would quickly rise to become the first Platinum Reader Reviewer. Since I have the most reviews at the site, I now have the urge to go back, revise my older reviews, and thus chop down my overall average score so I can be a bit of a model for a new generation of RPGamer reviewers, should one ever arise. RPG reviewing has become a new hobby for me, but I do have others, such as writing fantasy novels, computer programming, and maintaining my homepage, the Duchy of Otterland. If you ever wish to speak with me, drop me a line or find me lurking on the message boards or #reviewhaven over IRC. Thanks for your support, if you have at all given me any.

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

So there you have it. Some congratulations are definitely in order. To celebrate we also have a slightly modified template too. The changes are very minor, but if you notice them some feedback would be appreciated.

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