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[07/30/2004]   Apologies all around for the late arrival. This is Simon, and I'm still attempting to get the hang of this whole crazy "update" thing, and doing it via proxy is the best I can offer until I get my official FTP decoder ring. We have a fantastic offering of reviews for your perusal in the meantime, including the 50th one from our newly-minted platinum pal, Roku. Speaking of which, here is the man of the hour:

Roku:Who would have thought my New Year's Resolution to write five or perhaps even ten reviews for RPGamer would end up like this? Needless to say, I got a little carried away. So here it is...six months later and I find myself with that resolution fulfilled many times over. While it wasn't the easiest task, I can't hide the fact that I enjoyed writing them either. I met a lot of great people in the process by talking on the forums and later switching to the IRC. Quite a worthwhile experience. I certainly hope I helped some people with my reviews or at least inspired reflection and/or debate from those who had already completed some of the games prior to my reviews being posted. Well, that's about it I guess...thanks for reading ^^.

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