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[06/21/2004]   I was never a fan of the Walton family of stores, but after working in them for several weekends, I like them less than before. This is Amish, and as a temporary summer job before the next big adventure (to be detailed later), I was rehired as a cell phone salesman working out of various retail stores. Said stores as of late have been either Best Buy or Sam's Club locations.

Say what you will about Best Buy, but Sam's Club is a case study in how low prices don't necessarily add up to a great working environment. For the sake of a quick paycheck, I'll put up with it for the time being, but I'm glad there's only three days left of being stuck in the Walton empire. Yuck. Kudos to Castomel for the nickname of said retail stores.

Despite my extended moaning, we've got a huge update ready for today. The backlog is still there, it's just taking a *really* long time to go through everything. However, if you want tips and/or suggestions on how to craft reviews for RPGamer, feel free to stop by our IRC channel, #reviewhaven.

Until next time.

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