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[06/03/2004]   The end of May and beginning of June marks a transitioning phase for a lot of people, with graduations of all sorts happening what seems like daily. I personally have gone to three cousins' worth of graduations in almost as many days, and the monotony of a fruitless job-search has been thankfully abated by the celebrations, parties, and related fanfare that accompany such milestones. I'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to all seniors, high school and college alike, for persevering through the good and bad on the road towards a higher education. That diploma you are holding is more than a fancy sheet of laminated paper - it is a symbol of your ambition, passion, desire, and most of all, your talent. Here's to hoping you all go onward and upwards from here.

Before you do go anywhere though, you might want to go ahead and check out this week's batch of reviews. In addition to chipping down Roku and Otterland's respective backlogs, we also have some nice reviews from two relatively new faces, rounded out with a pair of staff reviews. Read, enjoy, and I'll see you on the boards.

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 This Week's Reviews
Fire Emblem - Review
Another decent Tactical RPG for the GBA 3 Reader Review Tribulations
Arc the Lad 2 - Retroview
Arc the Lad 2 Review 5 Reader Review kupomogli
Dragon Warrior IV - Retroview
Beating a Dead Dragon 3 Reader Review Otterland
Ys - Import Re-Retroview
A MasterpYs 4 Reader Review Otterland
Zelda II: Adventure of Link - Retroview
A Different Kind Of Zelda 3 Reader Review Roku
SaGa Frontier II - Retroview
Looking For A Challenge? 3 Reader Review Roku
Quest64 - Retroview
One Quest You'll Want To Avoid 2 Reader Review Roku
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - Retroview
Short And Sweet 3 Reader Review Roku
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II - Review
Kill Stuff, Sell Stuff, Buy Stuff, Repeat. 3 Staff Review Matthew Graham
Champions of Norrath - Review
Hack-and-Slash at its Finest 4 Staff Review Matthew Graham

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