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[05/27/2004]   After ranting for four years about the stress that is higher education, my journey in that realm came to an end this past Sunday. This is Amish, and I'll confess that it's a very strange world as a graduate. It's a good feeling, mind you; to get a B.A. after four years of work at poverty wages was well worth the wait.

Just to prove how much of a workload was lifted from my back, here's a whole load of reviews from our eternal backlog, courtesy of two of our most prolific reviewers. Enjoy!

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 This Week's Reviews
Final Fantasy Legend III - Retroview
When Evil Water Jugs Attack... 3 Reader Review Roku
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - Retroview
Don't Let The Name Fool You 2 Reader Review Roku
Final Fantasy VIII - Retroview
Change Isn't Always Good... 3 Reader Review Roku
Legend of Legaia - Retroview
A New Legend 4 Reader Review Roku
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth - Retroview
Hoshigami: Ruining Tactical RPGs? 2 Reader Review Roku
Kingdom Hearts - Retroview
A Strange Union 4 Reader Review Roku
Dragon Warrior - Retroview
My First RPG Revisited 3 Reader Review Otterland
Dragon Warrior 2 - Retroview
An Average Sequel 3 Reader Review Otterland
Dragon Warrior 3 - Re-Retroview
Hit-and-Miss Thirds 3 Reader Review Otterland
The Legend of Zelda - Retroview
Hardly What Legends Are Made Of 2 Reader Review Otterland
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - Retroview
THIS GAME IS ERROR. 2 Reader Review Otterland
Paladin's Quest - Retroview
A So-So Start for Lennus 3 Reader Review Otterland

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