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[04/25/2004]   It's been a very long time since we did much self-advertising and for that fact, Points of View has stagnated a little bit. I apologize for any perceived lack of quality or integrity on our part in recent times, and would like to make amends by telling a bit of a story tonight, if you're willing to listen.

A couple of years ago, when Paws was still the master of RPGamer's (then) tiny reader review outlet, we created an IRC channel in the vein of the ones for Editorials and RPGamer itself. Sadly, the effort was almost immediately forgotten, and the channel has sat in something a state of silence ever since. And, so, due to the recent revivifying efforts of Roku, I have decided that in addition to the color recognition system in the updates themselves, any reviewer to reach 'gold' status will be given auto-voice in Points of View's IRC channel, should they choose to use it. I realize that this is an extremely minor way of saying, "Thank you!" and is not very cleverly veiled an attempt to attract more users into our chat room, but it is an honest, "Thank you!" Without you guys, there is no section.

Now, before we all start getting teary-eyed, I'd also like to point out that #reviewhaven is an excellent place to get our attention quickly should you have any questions or suggestions. Think of it as an auxilary sounding-board of sorts, except that you get to rub elbows with some of the funnest people around (and by that I mean me, of course)! Anyhow, I hope to see you on EsperNet, and until such a time as I do, don't trim your hair with the pinking shears... 'Cause that could be just altogether bad.

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