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[03/31/2004]    No April Fool's hijinks from us this year. Considering that we recieved no spoof reviews last year from the readers, a normal update would suffice. Besides, we have a much more eventful happening in the section. Ladies and gentlemen, our newest staffer: Red Raven.

Red Raven: Hello, again. I've pretty much said all I particullarly wanted to say concerning myself a few updates ago, so I shall instead say a few things about this section. Put simply, I love Points of View with a passion. I have been reading and contributing to the section for over four years and this sentiment has not cooled in any sense of the word from the very first day Points of View opened its doors. Thus, it is my sincere ambition to apply this passion directly to the section and its upkeep. Hopefully this shall mean a streak of consecutive updates which dwarfs our previous one, perhaps new contests, possibly some additional incentives for rising through the reviewer ranks, and maybe a few other surprises along the way. Time will ultimately tell, but I nevertheless have high aspirations for what is clearly the best section on RPGamer (although I might be somewhat biased ^_-).

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