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[03/09/2004]    Yes, that's from the Initial D soundtrack. This is Amish, back to cover for Zack "ASV" Lewis who has asked me to compile tonight's recovery update. It's the best way to label such a thing, as the end of our as-yet-unbroken streak of weekly updates killed much enthusiasm for the section. Nevertheless, Points of View still lives.

If only my PS2 had such vitality. The ancient relic (of 2 years :P) died a while ago, and I've been left to search for a suitable replacement console…hopefully one that can be successfully modified to support Japanese titles.

Whatever the case, things are definitely busy here. School, internship, work, and social life have kept me occupied, and all things considered, it is a good development. To be perfectly honest, it's better than the alternative. However, E3 planning has begun. That particular responsibility I'll handle, but let me tell you: it's not a fun one at all. One PR man in the gaming industry (who will remain nameless) only half-jokingly mentioned that pre-E3 season was the time of year he considered committing seppuku. Let's hope it doesn't come to that o.O

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