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[02/03/2004]   I'll turn this over to the man of the hour rather than bore you with details. Without further prattle, may I present... Red Raven.

Three years.

When I submitted my first review to Paws back in 2000, I had a singular goal: be the first reader to Gold. Points of View was the only way I thought I could contribute meaningfully to RPGamer, so I continued to submit reviews until Gold was reached. Three years and thirty-five reviews later, I find myself once again writing an introduction - not quite the first to Platinum, but close enough. The last time around I was a naive 17-year old Junior going through high school. This time I am a world-weary 20-year old college Sophomore. Oh how the time passes.

Some things have not changed though, and that includes my dedication to Points of View. There is no higher category than Platinum (at the moment) but I have found another way to contribute: by joining the Review Crew. I understand the job to be a time-consuming and mostly thankless affair, but I will be content in knowing that I am giving back to the section what I have received for so many years.

Since this will be the last update in which I will be a reader, I just wanted to give some quick thanks to those that have made the journey worthwhile. First, to Paws, ASV, Amish, and all the other staffers whose tireless effort has made Points of View worth contributing to for over three years. Second, to fellow reviewer Phillipe, whose initial question of my Castlevania review quickly digressed into a profound dialogue on life, lasting almost two years now. Third, to my high school friends Andreas, David, Aaron, and Riley, for being there during the good times and also during the bad. Finally, to my girlfriend Wendy, for reminding me what it is to truly smile (BWP 4 EVAR).

That about does it for me. If you are ever curious about what else I do, feel free to visit my page, Razor Witt. Besides housing all my normal reviews, the site also contains numerous anime reviews and some special feature articles I have written - such as Evangelion: Take Care of Yourself, the 6500 word FAQ that took three months to complete. Otherwise, thank you for your time, and good luck in whatever endeavors you choose to pursue.

-Simon, Red Raven

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