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[12/09/2003]   Thanks to the actions of a certain ISP/cell phone company, ASV has been marooned from his usual Monday night hijinks. They never stop working for you, right? Pshhht. This is Amish again, and it will have to take more than a massive telecom company to stop Points of View from keeping up its streak of consecutive updates.

Things are really busy on my end, as I was just at Northwestern University this Sunday to take the level 4 Japanese Proficiency Language Test, which was interesting (and slightly amusing considering the odd combination of high school students, undergrads, adults, and anime fanboys/girls…they're everywhere). That's not to mention my second-to-last semester of classes, which have made me a very strained person. Needless to say I am looking forward to the break, which is in a scant eight days.

To everyone either approaching or in the middle of their final exams…minasan gambatte! (good luck everyone!)

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