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[11/25/2003]   Maybe it's the Nintendo fanboy inside me, but I am hard pressed to name a better RPG for the GameBoy Advance than Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance left a lot to be desired for my tastes, Golden Sun is shiny at first but droll and repetitive in retrospect, and Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis isn't bad except that it always takes me so very long to playthrough the Ogre Battle titles.

So what am I saying, exactly? Just that Mario & Luigi is extremely awesome indeed. It combines action elements to the time-honored turn-based system of yesteryear and tosses some cool tactical elements into the mix as concerns the tools you use on the 'map'. Anyhow, I'll quit with that line of prattle until my review comes out shortly. So, until next week, don't drink orange juice directly after rinsing your mouth out with peppermint antiseptic. I wouldn't wish that taste sensation on my arch nemesis.

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