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[11/18/2003]   Don't you hate it when you get the theme song to some television show stuck in your head? And isn't it always worse when it's from one that you hate with a burning passion? Well, I've been sitting around humming the Bananas In Pajamas song all day. I'd explain what the show is like for those of you that don't know, but I'd rather die than give it another thought tonight. Anyhow, we have a fairly straightforward update this week, including a look at D&D: Heroes for the Xbox that only goes to show I'm right in waiting for Sudeki to buy said console. Also, props to Michael Beckett for going gold this week. He and Solon can duke it out all the way to platinum at this rate.

As for relevant Points of View news, I figure that I should let those of you with highly-outdated browsers know that the section is going to under go a redesign that uses cascading stylesheets to a large degree. This will make my life much, much easier, and bring the page up to the standards of the rest of the site. Also, I want to plug PoV's IRC channel in hopes that more of you will stop by for a visit. It gets lonely sitting in there with five other people I can talk to on every other channel I sit in, as well. And, as always, keep sending in material, new faces are always welcome. So, until next week, bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs! keep yourself toasty warm but don't do it doused in gasoline.

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