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[10/14/2003]   Hey everyone, it's Amish...and I'm back to help Zack with tonight's update. Did the topic catch your attention?

As a senior undergraduate I'm currently in the middle of what my university calls the "capstone class". This is a seminar class for journalism majors, and my section's specific topic is about media ethics. While ethics may sound dry at first, it gets really interesting when certain issues are discussed, including the ongoing debate about the adverse side effects of violence in video games.

The sad truth is I'm fighting a one-man war against a class of very proper and…normal classmates that are still stuck in the traditional mentality that gaming is still for children, and that Pokemon is an unusually violent cartoon. As a challenge to this opposition, my second research paper will be on the aforementioned topic. Additionally, I've been compelled to play the role of devil's advocate with the research, as my personal interests are slightly biased against the restriction of any forms of creative expression that all gamers have enjoyed for a long time. Wish me luck :P

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