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[09/30/2003]   It had to happen sooner or later with so many people getting close to going Platinum. I had originally planned for Jake, Red Raven, and myself to go together in a single update, but due to the amount of upcoming titles that have to be covered, we had to nix that particular event and just get there as quickly as possible. I'd like to be able to say something rousing and marvelous to commemorate this day, but anything I'm likely to say now has been said by better people than myself. So... I'll hand this show over to the person that does have something to say. Our esteemed, Jake Alley.

Hmm... Fifty reviews. It seems like a lot, but even if no RPGs were released from here on out, I've still only covered a tenth of what's out there. In any case, I hope these reviews will dispel any rumors that I hate the Final Fantasy series once and for all.

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