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[09/23/2003]   After playing WarCraft III for so long on the one-player campaign mode, any vestige of the fighting spirit had been sucked out of me. And so it was, with some trepidation, that our resident head of news, Castomel, decided to nurture the flame of battle back into my weary bones. So far we're not doing so hot, but at least we're having fun while we suck. Now that I've got the speed and the build patterns down for my preferred tactics, we've moved on to a concept that is giving me some difficulty; Hero rushing. I can see how it's useful, but something deep inside of me makes me want very much to know how it's useful to 'waste' your hero right off the bat? It's a tactic that must be worthwhile, however, since the vast majority of the times we've been thoroughly crushed, the game started off with our enemies doing it to us. Oh well, it'll just take some adjusting.

At any rate, I've been doing some little corrections here and there and had some cosmetic things added to or changed about the upcoming 'new & improved' archive system that is being modified to run more quickly, have more functionality, and work in tandem with the site's upcoming back-end for the staffers (I'd say more but the RPGamer ninjas are already watching me like a hawk). So, until next week, don't stick any bananas where the sun doesn't shine... Because that'd be a waste of a banana.

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