Points of View
 I Hate Toads

[09/09/2003]   I won't get into the details behind the title this week, except to say that if you see any pictures of an infuriated guy holding a toad doll and eating a cake with a plastic toad on top of it, that's me, and the two people behind the camera are dead.

   Anyhow, not a lot else going on this week. I'm planning to rehaul a page associated with Points of View that you've probably seen about a million times, but that you're also not consciously aware exists. So, if you notice the change, you'll be one of the few. The next big PoV project will be coming up shortly, too, so keep your eyes peeled. One last little note for all of you... I know that school just started, but if somebody could be bothered to write a review or two that would be extra awesome. The backlog of yore is more than gone, and after next week I'm gonna have to start making things up or post 'non-update-updates'.

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