Points of View
 Bikers, Bad Music, & Games?!?

[09/02/2003]   Tim McGraw is not my idea of a worthwhile surprise concert. This is Amish, and I'm here to help out Zack with tonight's update. This weekend was the culmination of the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary bash in Milwaukee. It was an interesting time: lots of leather, tattoos, and horrible music - as the corporation had the gall to keep the entire city in suspense about a "special" concert on Sunday only to have it be performed by the aforementioned country singer. As if Wisconsin doesn't need any more excuses to be labeled a backwater state :P

   Barring the poor musical selection, the bikers (for the overwhelming part) were pretty friendly company, and all involved had a good time…especially in the random block parties that were thrown. So, here we are at yet another Points of View update. I know school's starting for everyone, but feel free to contribute what you can to the section. I assure you that Zack is still around and more than willing to give suggestions to potential reviewers. That's all. Hopefully all of our American readers have actually gotten a chance to enjoy the Labor Day weekend by *not* doing labor. Have a good night!

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