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[08/26/2003]   In case you haven't heard my previous rambling on the subject, let me just state that I live in the vortex of rare games. On more than one occasion I've thought about starting an eBay pseudo-business in my free time to sell all the $20 copies of Xenogears, $5 copies of Suikoden, and $25 copies of Chrono Trigger that I can find on practically any given day of the year. Well... Today marked a territory that even I am unaccustomed to. The local CD Game Exchange has a huge amount of Super Famicom titles and a converter. So, I peeked through the case and found some extremely cool things:

  • Final Fantasy V & VI
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Romancing SaGa 2
  • Dragon Quest VI

The list is quite a bit longer, but I'm not fluent enough with kanji to tell you the names of the Atlus titles that are there. Anyhow, I picked up Dragon Quest VI and Romancing SaGa for $10 apiece. Send me hate mail at your convenience and, as always, don't stick a fork in any outlets. You might cause another massive blackout and that would keep me from playing DQ6.

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