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 Backlog Destroyed

[08/12/2003]   We seem to have accomplished our goal of removing the blighted backlog from our workload; there is, however, a new problem. Our reader review submission rate has dropped rather dramatically this month, and unless you guys start picking up the slack, we're back down to 3 reviews an update starting next week.

Seriously though, people. Paul and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our black and evil hearts for making us look so good to our superiors for making Points of View run so smoothly! Anyhow, things should start getting back to the pseudo normal that they were before E3 now. Keep up the good work and look forward to all the little projects I'm working on coming to fruition. So, until next week, don't sniff the butter unless you want to look really stupid with churned milk byproducts up your nostrils!

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It's Spelled Nietzsche 8 Reader Review Michael Beckett
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Final Fantasy X - Retroview
Square's Forgiven for Their Sins... 9 Reader Review Ricky Takare
Breath of Fire III - Retroview
You Have the Right to Remain Silent 4 Reader Review Solon
Wild ARMs - Retroview
The First Outing on Filgaia is a Great One 7 Reader Review Phillipe Richer
Robotrek - Retroview
It's Not Final Fantasy but It's Worth a Look-See 8 Reader Review WingcommanderIV

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