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[07/29/2003]   I sincerely hope that nobody does this to me again any time soon. Now, don't get me wrong. I like Dragon Warrior just fine, personally. But dealing with every single version of every game in the series over the course of two weeks is a bit much for me. Anyhow, props to Otterland for being the first person to review more than one version of a single title.

On to other matters... We have an RPGamer review staff trainee with us today. So, to start things off, we printed his former material under the alias 'Lord Craxton' but his real name is Steven Bellotti. He would say, "Hello!" himself except that he was somewhat tired tonight and with all his other training felt that his self-introduction could be left until next week. In the mean time, you'll just have to read his views on Baldur's Gate II down below.

He'll be helping out around here as part of his training, so be nice to him and send him a warm welcome. Until next week look both ways before you cross the street, unless the reaper you'd like to meet.

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