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[07/22/2003]   So, I was looking at the poll and the index title and it suddenly occurred to me that they have been oft neglected of late. So, in hopes that it might make the whole site a little bit better, I've taken over care of each of them. At some point in the not-too-distant future we might add a 'guess the quote' kind of thing around here, but it's been done a lot, so we'll see what you guys think on the boards. Paul and I are hosting Q&A tomorrow, so send us questions.

I thoroughly revamped the Reviewless Games list and completed an extremely long and tedious project that I've been working on practically since I was hired. In case you're curious, and I know you are, I scoured the entire RPGamer server, directory-by-directory, by hand, and dug up all the old and missing reviews on the whole site. So... I'm about 99% certain that every review ever written in RPGamer's history is in there now. But, if you look through it and see something missing, by all means drop me a line and appraise me of the situation. Now that I'm done with that one excessively time consuming chore, I can move on to the other one of converting all the said reviews to the new template and fixing all the broken images and links in everything... But I expect to be doing that one for a very long time indeed.

One last little thing that might be interesting for you lot is that if I manage to update next week on Tuesday, it will be the most consecutive times that this section has been updated on schedule. I'd almost be willing to say that it might be the most that any non-Q&A interaction section of RPGamer has made it on time, but I think Editorials has me beat. Anyhow, until next week don't eat the spoiled fruit... Or any spoiled edible substance for that matter.

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