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[07/15/2003]   The story of our backlog is, indeed, a sad and complex one. But, since you're not here to listen to my aimless speeches, I'll give you the reader's digest version. Basically, our backlog is huge beyond worldly proportions. It is so large now, in fact, that I have come up with a small analogy for you, to help explain why your reviews might not have been printed yet:

If we print six reader reviews per update, at one update a week, every update until the end of August is already full.

Now, I don't want anyone to take this as a complaint. It is quite the contrary. This time last year we had barely enough material to post an update every two weeks, but... With so much of the material backed up in our system, this almost seems like too much of a good thing.

A couple last quick notes of interest. Paws' birthday is on Thursday. So everyone wish her a happy one. Also, the archives have been converted to the new color coding system now, and the Points of View on IRC and Submission Guide pages have been updated with more information. So, until next week, don't play in the compost!

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