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[07/08/2003]   The day you have dreaded for months has finally arrived. As of this update Points of View falls back into my hands as Paul moves on to his new position as RPGamer's public relations manager. Wish him luck with his task as he has quite a bit of catching up to do in the wake of both Martin 'Chiapet' Drury and Doug 'Stom' Hill retiring. He will still be writing staff reviews and doing the occasional update around here, but for the most part, we have reverted back to the good old fashioned days of being bored silly by the pandering of Zack.

   Anyhow, now that you've been appraised of the change-up at home base, we move directly on to the changes we've decided to implement to the writer recognition color coding system. It is explained in detail on the FAQs page, so head over there to read up. If you have any questions, as always just email us and let us know. Lastly, each update of Points of View will have a link to the message boards from now on, because of the pending redesign of RPGamer's index page and as a replacement for the submission booboos. Feel free to voice questions and whatnot there, as well.

   Anyhow, until next week when we'll be celebrating Paws' birthday, keep writing reviews and know that I'm watching you... But not like a stalker or anything.

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