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[06/17/2003]   Despite all the stresses involved with responsibility, the freedom occasionally associated with it is more than worth the price. I've been putting in near full-time hours at my paying job, but not truly full-time hours (as the company refuses to grant benefits to sales grunts). Since returning from E3, I've also noticed many of the interaction sections ramping up their production efforts. Editorials and Japandemonium are two sections that deserve special credit. As today is one of my two days off during the week, I'll take this opportunity to make up a laundry list on this update to let readers know of what's going on with Points of View.

First off, Zack and I have selected possible candidates for the PC reviewer position. While we haven't emailed these candidates yet about their selection, rest assured that said candidates will be getting requests for interviews in the near future.

Secondly, Zack's motherboard fried recently. He should be back online shortly, but his absence has made things a little more hectic than normal. Feel free to send him your encouragement.

Last but not least: the backlog is still considerably large. If you have any questions regarding reviews, feel free to harass me with your questions and/or requests. I'm horrible when it comes to replying via email, but enough requests will get the message through. Hooray for the oodles of spam that come into the website's mail accounts!

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