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[05/24/2003]   Today's special guest, some of you might have heard of. Andrew 'Castomel' Long has long been RPGamer's News Department Head and occasional retroview guy. Well, due to our somewhat inefficient scheme for proofing staff reviews, he managed to get several of his reviews trapped in the backlog for over six months. Since we both had some free time this week, though, we shined and polished a few of them and here they are for your reading pleasure.

Aside from Cast's showing there are a couple other items of interest this week. First, if you somehow managed to miss our first ever Review Department open application on RPGamer's index, by all means go check it out. Now's your chance to join the ranks of such legends as FireMyst, Jake Alley, Paws, Amish, Castomel, and - of course - myself! Anyone wondering how I got on that list needs to hush. Seriously, we need a PC reviewer very badly, especially after seeing the NCSoft booth at E3. So if you feel inclined to write reviews, have a good PC, love PC RPGs and MMORPGs, and don't mind my sarcasm, by all means send in an application.

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 This Week's Reviews
Final Fantasy X - Retroview
Ten For Ten 10 Staff Review Andrew Long
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - Retroview
Dissonance Comes Close 6 Staff Review Andrew Long
Rhapsody - Retroview
I Feel So Dirty... 1 Staff Review Andrew Long
Diablo - Retroview
A Good Blizzard Evidently Has A Better Chance In Hell Than A Snowball 8 Staff Review Andrew Long
Legend of Zelda - Retroview
Oldest School 8 Staff Review Andrew Long

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