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[05/17/2003]   Well, another year has passed since Points of View was created. We have nothing special to give you this year because - as you can see - this update is itself late because of the horrible timing of leaving E3 at the same time it needed to be posted. However, if you can forgive us that, we promise to make this year an interesting one.

As you can see, the Points of View template has been streamlined yet again to remove unnecessary elements and free the crew from the evil that are submission booboos. The promised stats will go up some time relatively soon, and since so much of the RPGamer review crew was at E3 you'll likely be seeing some of the other changes we talked about in the months to come. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this universal template and wish Paul 'Amish' a good time at ACen and Anna Marie 'Paws' a pleasant bus ride back to Canada.

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