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   Merger? What Merger?!?  

[04/01/2003]   What a trip. As of today, Squaresoft and Enix no longer exist. If someone would have told us that last year, it would have been an April Fool's joke. Seriously. But, here we are. Never fear, there's plenty of hijinks for everyone to sample this fine Tuesday. A pity that none of the readers were able to chip in. However, we asked. Better luck next year!

 Submission Booboos - Spoofs!

   For anyone that was looking to send in spoof reviews, you're going to have to wait another year. Sorry, but we stuck notices in the updates and #reviewhaven and the RPGamer message boards. If you have one written, keep it handy. Then send it to us right before next April Fool's so we can have it ready.

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler & Zachary 'ASV' Lewis

 Today's Reviews

Amish: A word to the wise: RPGamer's normal "kid-friendly" rating has slipped a little for the holiday. You've been warmed. Just remember it's all in good fun, and...Doom is not an RPG. But considering everything else is out of order, why not?

Doom - Letters Home (Spoof!)
  I'm One Doomed Space Marine! heh Reader Review Flynn Taggart  
Final Dragon Secret of Ever Fantasy Warrior Mana Quest Story MCMXVII - Review (Spoof!)
  TenTASTIC! heh Reader Review  
Let's Go Fishing - What is this Garbage? (Spoof!)
  This is the weekend we didn't play golf... heh Reader Review Filet O'Carp  
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