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[03/26/2003]   Ideally this section is updated every week, but this update has been advanced slightly because of the upcoming holiday. At RPGamer, April Fool's is a holiday, and Points of View has a tradition of publishing spoof reviews. We've had some talented submissions in the past, and since no one has sent anything of that nature yet, this update is kind of an official request. Send in your spoofs! The section update on April 1st will highlight those spoof reviews, and this is the only time of year to do so on the site. Consider yourselves notified.

 Submission Booboos - Picture Captions

   One word helps describe what picture captions should be like: succinct. Keep it short and simple. The captions are designed to draw attention to the individual pictures. Not only will that help capture any reader's attention, it will also make the overall review look nicer.

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: A nice showing from our regulars. Once again: send in those spoof reviews for the April 1st update!

Legend of Dragoon - Retroview
  Beating a Dead Horse 2 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
.hack//Infection - Review
  Incomplete Transmission 7 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
Final Fantasy VII - Retroview
  A Misunderstood Game 8 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - Retroview
  RPG = Role-Playing, Rated G 5 Reader Review Noj Airk  
Tales of Destiny - Retroview
  A few feathers too light 9 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
Tales of Destiny II - Retroview
  A small step forward for the Tales 7 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
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