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[03/20/2003]   There I was. Frolicking in the Autumn mist, when a dumptruck full of import reviews fell into my inbox. They got mixed up for a couple weeks with all the strings and sealing wax, but now they're here for you, along with Amish to work you lot into a foaming frenzy.

Amish: This week I joined ASV in frolicking, as I am in the middle of my Spring Break, and enjoying it thoroughly. In fact, later this morning I am off to Indianapolis to see UW-Milwaukee take on Notre Dame in the 1st round of the 'Big Dance'. Something I wouldn't normally do, but considering the circumstances and timing of the game, it was too good an opportunity to miss. That and it's been time to catch up on a new title as well. Jaa ne!

 Submission Booboos - Word Count

   Lately a large number of submissions have been considerably short of the 750 word mark that we try to get people past. If you absolutely cannot think of anything else to say, and you know the review is short, then please let us know the reasons why you can't write more in the email. It'll help us decide what to reject and what to pass on.

  ~  Zachary 'ASV' Lewis & Paul 'Amish' Koehler

 Today's Reviews

ASV: A couple more Xenosaga reviews this week (as might be expected) and some import reviews thrown into the mix. Happy days!

Xenosaga - Review
  More of a Sci-Fi Miniseries than a Game 4 Reader Review Otterland  
Xenosaga - Review
  The Giant 9 Reader Review Solon  
Legaia 2: Dual Saga - Review
  A little bit of everything... 8 Reader Review Solon  
SaGa Frontier 2 - Retroview
  A little balance, please 5 Reader Review Solon  
Xenogears - Retroview
  Remember the Mecha 10 Reader Review Solon  
Dragon Quest IV - Import
  Enix Screwed Us All... 9 Reader Review Otterland  
Tales of Phantasia - Import
  A Classic or a Disaster? 5 Reader Review Otterland  
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Retroview
  Good formulas never die 8 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
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