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   Red Storm, Act 2  

[03/06/2003]   Our second new red reviewer sent his first review to us last April, and has since become one of our most prolific reviewers. There's also some more of his material in our section's backlog! Ladies and gentlemen, Phillipe Richer:

"Hi people. After a lot of hard work, seeing my name written in red from now will be more than compensatory. At first I was aiming to become the first blue reviewer, but I really can't compete with Stu's amazing productivity. He's a real review machine! I find it terrific to see this section blooming with so many new reviewers. If you've ever thought about writing for this section but felt intimidated by the high standards set forth by the team, start writing regardless. While it is somewhat long to write a coherent and objective review, you'll start liking the process more and more as you keep reviewing. The review team will be more than happy to answer your questions. Just remember; 5 is average, and average isn't bad! Don't overscore, this ain't GameFaqs, or worse, RPGFan for God's sake! And the readers need to start encouraging the reviewers. Just a little, "Good review man. I enjoyed it." can go a long way to encourage reviewers and will ensure a consistent flow of reviews for the section. Keep reading...I'll keep 'em coming. And say thanks to Paul for such a great job. This section's all yours man."

 Submission Booboos - Review Titles

   This is a quick reminder, but an important one. Include a title for your reviews! It doesn't have to be incredibly witty, but something other than "Game Name - Re(tro)view" would be appreciated. That's it.

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Reader reviewer Michael Beckett hits the Silver Plateau today, and is still going strong with material in the backlog. Congratulations!

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  A Game with no Heart 7 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
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Wild ARMs 2 - Retroview
  Choose Your Words Carefully 6 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
Earthbound - Retroview
  All Heart, No Brains 4 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
Kingdom Hearts - Review
  Deceptively Simple 9 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
Suikoden III - Review
  Suikoden III - Review 8 Reader Review Dave Willis  
Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Master Quest - Review
  Plight Of A Disc Drive 3 Staff Review Zachary Lewis  
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