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[02/16/2003]   It's been nearly six years since I've seen my second cousins from New Jersey - and with almost no prior notice they showed up tonight to have dinner in the Milwaukee area. It turns out the middle child of the family is quite the shoujo fanatic. Despite the fact that our semi-immediate family almost never gathers, our conversation veered to gaming after about two minutes. As a result, I asked the middle cousin to give a link to her webpage just so I could prove this story wasn't a fabrication. So...go visit her website!

To add an even stranger twist to this story, another cousin on the other side of the family is obsessed with shoujo as well. Turns out she's two years younger than the cousin I met tonight, but the similarities are still there. Interesting coincidence?

 Template Completion - yet again.

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   Do yourself a favor and double check the reviews before sending them in to make sure every element is cover. I mean this.

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler

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