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   I believe that's a zebra.  

[01/29/2003]   Super Bowl XXXVII may have been a blast for Buccaneer fans, but for indifferent observers like me, it was the advertisements that made the show worthwhile. Contrary to a regular reader's email, a lot of the RPGamer staff like sports a great deal. Two of our staffers are diehard Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins fans respectively, and I come from Wisconsin, where anyone who doesn't support the Green Bay Packers is stoned in the town square.

Don't get me wrong, I love "the Pack", but the team spirit is so strong here that going to a game at Lambeau Field is regarded as a pilgrimage. What other team would have a waiting list for season tickets that for some people is over 1,500 years?!?

 Transitions (or how to 'make things flow')

   While the text template exists to help serve as a guide to anyone writing a review (among other things), some reviewers as of late have been sticking material into the individual sections without putting any transitions in whatsoever. These are necessary, and we have standards to make the reviews look a little more professional than some other sites. Simply put, these are enough reasons for us to send back your review for a redo. If you have any questions, ask the reviews department and we'll try to help you with any concerns.

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: A lot of new faces this time around, and many of them started by knocking titles off the reviews list! Special thanks to Antonio Andres, Leonard Dawkins, Nick Ferriola, and Michael Beckett for contributing to this ongoing project (or simply everyone who's reviews were posted tonight...a Points of View first). Keep it up!

Summoner - Retroview
  PlayStation 2's first RPG 5 Reader Review Antonio Andres  
Shenmue II (Xbox) - Review
  Ryo Hazuki Returns 9 Reader Review Antonio Andres  
Phantasy Star II - Retroview
  Still crazy after all these years 9 Reader Review Leonard Dawkins  
Soul Blazer - Retroview
  Killing monsters, saving the girl, resurrecting the world... all in a day's work 6 Reader Review Nick Ferriola  
Summoner 2 - Review
  Lady Looks Like a Harmonixer 7 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
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