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   Calm before the Storm  

[01/15/2003]   It's more like the calm after the storm for anybody working retail, but for any students reading this - good luck. On the RPG front, this looks to be one of the busiest 1st quarters ever, and this comes during a time that is normally stagnant before E3. In that case, maybe all of us will get to enjoy the Christmas season a little longer - without the prerequisite annoying customers and broken bank accounts (well, not really...but we can pretend).

 Word Count Minimum

   While we've been a little easier on some of the requirements of reader reviews over the last few months, there are a few things that need to be held to. In particular, reviews need to be at least 750 words as stated by the Points of View submission guide. This is largely because of the design of the review template, as any review under 750 words will not use up the bare minimum of space (with the title image and two screenshots). Feel free to extend on any one of the sections of the game…regardless of whether it's a compliment or a flame. Long-windedness is acceptable if anyone needs to make the 750 word limit.

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Veteran submitter Phillipe Richer sent a whopping nine reviews during the month of December, and this update showcases a few of those. I look forward to doing the update when both he and Robust Stu go Red! Don't forget to say hello to PoV alum Stewart "Ciddypookun" Bishop as well, as he reviews Golden Sun.

Wild ARMs 3 - Review
  Third time's the charm 8 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
Breath of Fire III - Retroview
  Mediocrity still persists 4 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
Golden Sun - Retroview
  Like a good salesman 7 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
Lunar Legend - Review
  Back and Back and Back to the Blue Planet 5 Reader Review Michael Beckett  
Golden Sun - Retroview
  An Emoticon For You: =) 7 Reader Review Stewart Bishop  
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