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[10/30/2002]   Almost two and a half years and over 450 reviews in its library, Points of View's founder, Paws, is stepping down from the section for the time being. Here she is to explain:

Paws: So what's the big staff shuffle? Some of you might have guessed - and some of you did already, since the telltale signs of my name on index doing media was a pretty good tip-off. For a lot of reasons, I'm leaving Points of View in the capable hands of Paul. It wasn't an easy decision. PsoV is my baby :P I was asked to create it, I've maintained it for more than two years. However, my life is radically different than two years ago, and has been evolving for a long time. Plus, there's no real getting around the fact that with media for new games flying left, right, and center we need people to update it more than ever, and my stint for a year as Media Head puts me in a good position to help. Media also fits my IRL time constraints better than PsoV does right now. It may hurt letting go, but it's the best decision I can make for me and RPGamer. So, take heart: I'm not leaving RPGamer, and hey, I may even be back to PsoV one day ;) My email,, will still work, and I probably will still be reading a review or two ;) I expect those of you I've played fun games of email tag to keep in touch, because I'm always open for conversation. If you want to get ahold of me via an IM, they're all in my bio =^^=

 Submission Booboos - Text Templates and Section Redesign

   In order to make reader submissions easier and make our update process a tad bit faster, the text template is ready, courtesy of Zack. Thank him - I know I am! In addition, the section will be undergoing some design changes, for example...staff avatars are being included, and the archives will go under a MAJOR rehaul along with every other section on the site. Don't worry, the statuses (Black, Bronze, Silver, etc.) will remain. Other than that, business as usual, and no complaints. Happy Halloween everyone!

  ~  Paul 'Amish' Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: We have had some recent submissions from new readers, and thank you. For the time being, we have a huge retroview of Front Mission 3, and three staff reviews of some recent titles.

Front Mission 3 - Retroview
  Stand Tall and Shake the...Wait, That Motto's Taken?! 9 Reader Review Noj Airk  
Wild ARMs 3 - Review
  *Insert ARMs pun here* 7 Staff Review Tony Green  
Earth and Beyond - Review
  To Boldly Go Where Everyone Else Already Is 8 Staff Review Doug Hill  
Bahamut Lagoon - Retroview
  Draconian Methods of Warfare 8 Staff Review Seán Peters  
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