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    Watashi wa ichiban so desu.  

[10/13/2002]   Despite the title, I feel anything but number one. Something tells me I'll miss these years, because friends, school, and everything else have been very rewarding. What's difficult is managing everything - but then again, that's part of the challenge of life.

That rant aside, forgive my broken Japanese - my class just started Katakana lessons on Friday o.O. In addition, Points of View has seen a few changes in its staff. Details are to come in next week's update, but stay tuned. Keep the suggestions coming and the reviews pouring in (with time permitting, of course.) Good night everyone!

 Submission Booboos -  Text Templates on the Horizon

Due to the vast majority of our reader reviews being sent in .txt format, the PoV staff is hard at work with a new text template for everyone to use. This should help some people out who have had questions as to why their reviews are split up as they are, how many graphics to use, and vice versa. From a staffer's point of view, it'll make the job of whoever's posting the section update THAT much easier. All an attempt to lessen the workload for everyone involved - readers and staffers alike. Any suggestions, as always...are welcome.

  ~  Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Stu's massive package continues our updates, as the second part of his "SNES Classics" review set is published today. Also be sure to check out RPGamer's Zachary "ASV" Lewis with his Icewind Dale II review - a fitting analysis of the Infinity engine.

Chrono Trigger - Retroview
  The Square SNES Classics, Part 2 9 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Final Fantasy Adventure - Retroview
  Very Adventurous, And Good For A Long Car Ride 6 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Icewind Dale II - Review
  A Dance To New Rules 7 Reader Review Zachary Lewis  
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