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[09/24/2002]   Such an acronym would only be used by bitter Wisconsin residents like myself. Why is it that I throw such random shots? Well, after a Saturday visit to Gurnee (just north of Chicago and home to the amazing Six Flags Great America park), I discovered a few more reasons why as a Wisconsin resident I use the term "F.I.B."

  • Illinois drivers are nuts. Is it normal for your police to pass up drivers doing the speed limit by 15 miles an hour, while your SUVs go 25-30 miles over the limit?
  • That amusement park of yours in Gurnee is way too impressive for us country folk in Wisconsin. The whole idea of a ride like Deja Vu placing you at a 90 degree angle over the ground and whipping you in both directions is amazing.
  • And finally, to add insult to injury - a huge pack of people were crowded around a DDR machine, watching two teens 0wnz0r Max 300 on Hard mode. What's even more amazing is none of them were jeering.

That's enough of that. I really had fun last Saturday, to be honest... and now our fall game rush begins. For those of you who have no idea what "F.I.B." means, well - uh, find out yourself ;P

 Submission Booboos -  RIP to Locked Reviews

Thanks to suggestions by some of our readers in the Message Forums, Points of View has decided to do a little more revision to the site. Don't worry, the same template and section design will stay - but some sections will be revamped or eliminated. Such is the case with the old 'Locked Games' section. It was originally designed as an attempt to make sure people would not just review the most popular Squaresoft titles (e.g. Final Fantasy 7-9, Chrono Trigger, etc.). However, the whole idea of "locking" a game seemed to have caused more harm than expected. So...buh-bye. Hopefully, that doesn't mean you'll still swamp us with ONLY Squaresoft reviews. There are other players in the field, ya know...

  ~  Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: One of these days I will have to check how close Red Raven is to Blue status. Even college hasn't slowed the flow of reviews, and now the new material should start a new burst of submissions (hint, hint).

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Kingdom Hearts - Review
  For the Kid in All of Us 9 Reader Review Mikel Tidwell  
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