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[08/02/2002]   Long time, no see. 'Tis I, the great ASV, at your service once again. Before anyone decides they need to toss any rotten fruit my way for seemingly abandoning this place to the whims of fate - ALA archiveless - I should probably tell you what's been going on.

   Essentially, I've been up to my proverbial neck in work lately. Due to no fault of my own (and largely influenced by the fact that my managers are more inept at schedule creation than a trained monkey wielding a pen...), I have spent the last couple of months wrangling with the Hell-pit that is Fred Meyer and have just finally gotten a relatively routine schedule worked out. What does this mean exactly? Well... For one thing, it means that the new archives will be completed shortly. For another, it means that PsoV will start being regularly updated again (assuming we have enough material to make this possible).

   A couple of last little notes: the games on the 'Locked Games' list have been removed. For a period of time as yet to be determined, PsoV will be accepting reviews for Final Fantasy 7-9, Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Cross for the first time in over a year. Lastly, stay tuned in the near future for what could possibly be the latest greatest attempt at us brib- Err... Trying to win your hearts.

 Submission Booboos -  Microsoft Word Is The Devil

Just a couple of things about using programs to edit HTML. Using a simple text editor or even Dreamweaver will work in a pinch. Microsoft Word, Star Writer, and any number of other rich text editors mangle the coding of our template beyond description, though. So, if you're not familiar with HTML enough that you can write it on your own, please just send in a text file with your review written on it. It saves us a few steps in getting your work ready, and ensures that nothing gets misplaced in the process.

  ~  Zachary "ASV" Lewis

 Today's Reviews

ASV: 3 reader reviews by 3 totally new faces. Welcome all and feel free to write up a storm! After all, the more the merrier.

Final Fantasy X - Review
  The Voice Of Faith 9 Reader Review Lassarina Aoibhell  
Breath Of Fire - Review
  The GameBoy Advance Gets Some Fire 8 Reader Review Ourobolus  
Might & Magic IX - Review
  A Journey Through Chedian 7 Reader Review Angela Anuszewski  
Megaman Battle Network 2 - Review
  Once Upon A Fetch Quest 7 Staff Review Zachary Lewis  
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