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[07/17/2002]   Never underestimate the importance of a single day. Anyone reading this who has braced for a major day (e.g. Driver's License Test, Final Exam(s), 21st Birthday...) knows what I refer to. Speaking of 21st birthdays - here's Paws!

Thank you for such an unsubtle intro. It's tradition: two days of every year, no matter what, PsoV gets updated. Come hell or high water, it happens. Even if it's at the last second. If you haven't guessed which days, it's the section birthday, and mine. Naturally, I have a long shift at work, but afterwards I'm being dragged to a restaurant, so let's see if I can spend an hour without pulling out the GBA in public. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is eerily addictive.

The reviews today are for a trio of games I'd suspected I'd never see reviews of, for one reason or another. Great job guys. As for our own work, rest assured, the sidebar links will be reconstructed very soon. Thanks for everyone's encouragement in the interim.

-Paws =^^=

Happy Birthday Paws - and congratulations on your monumental (in America, at least) milestone. Now for that cursed Astronomy final...until then, enjoy yourselves!

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It's not necessary to know HTML to send in reviews. For those who are slightly familiar with the language - we have included an HTML template so you can create the page yourself (and make our job a lot quicker). However, we request that you compress the .html file in a .zip or .sit file (along with any other screenshots, if taken). Many email applications will do strange things to attached HTML files - so compressing everything in a package assures that your review will come to us unharmed.

  ~  Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Three reviews for this update, and special thanks to Robust Stu and Philipe Richer for their brave efforts in critiquing Quest for Glory 4 and Hoshigami. RPGamer newsie Justin Weiss gives his opinion on the new AD&D title, Neverwinter Nights.

Quest For Glory 4: Shadows & Darkness - Retroview
  What Do You Call A Game That Goes Bump In the Night? 9 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth - Review
  Huge Disappointment, Colossal Waste Of Time 3 Reader Review Philipe Richer  
Neverwinter Nights - Review
  A Future, But Not Current, Classic 8 Staff Review Justin Weiss  
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