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[06/29/2002]   Yes, we're still alive. Ever been linked to broadband for an extended period of time and then have all access cut for over a month? Not the most pleasant experience.

For PSoV's summer resurrection, I'd like to pay tribute to one of our most consistent (and prolific) contributors - a true multitasker. Ladies and gentlemen - I present Desh.

Whoa, did I really write that much? I'm a musician and math geek at heart, so writing has never really been a huge attraction for me. These four years of high school have been mostly concert and math competition dominated, but then I went to a new school in northern Maine for my junior and senior years. I live in a dorm with fellow math and science geeks, and Canada is a stone's throw away. Winters are long, as we just had more snow the other day (grrr...), and the dorm is in a small town with nothing to do. My life before going there wasn't very video-game heavy, with a few RPGs here and there to start, but when I got there, I found that almost every gaming system in existence could be found there. Did I study every night and go to bed early? Nah. I quickly learned to be a full-time mooch, and my list of completed games has grown dramatically.

Then, sometime this last fall, I found this site and PsoV and noticed that there were quite a few games on the "reviewless" list that I'd played. But, writing had never really appealed to me, so I just continued to play games and watch RPGamer every now and then.

Boredom struck one day, and I read every single update for PsoV and Q&A. After reading them, I was inspired to write suddenly. And it's all Paws' fault. I laughed and laughed at parts, and said to myself "I've gotta send her SOMETHING." So I sent reviews in large packages. I just sat down and wrote six reviews over the course of three or four days. Call me crazy; I've never figured out why I write like that. I won't write anything for about a month, and then I'll type like a madman afterwards.

Ack! I'm doing it again. Maybe I should just talk about myself instead of my alter ego... See you around the message boards.


 Submission Booboos -  Broken Links Galore

This one's one us (the staff). With the rush to get our new template online - there are A LOT of broken links, especially within in the archives. Feel free to harass us concerning this at - the sooner we're fully operational, the better.

  ~  Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Desh's greatest hits, plus a review of the GameCube's first RPG by our senior reviewer, Jake Alley. Our next update will return with the regular submissions. Thanks for the wait everyone!

Crystalis - Retroview
  Zelda Wasn't Alone 7 Reader Review Desh  
Final Fantasy Adventure - Retroview
  Seiken Denfantasy Huh? 8 Reader Review Desh  
The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past - Retroview
  Prequel? Sequel? What? 9 Reader Review Desh  
Final Fantasy VIII(PC) - Retroview
  I Don't Know What Possessed Me To Play This Again... 3 Reader Review Desh  
Lost Kingdoms - Review
  Combining Two Addictions 5 Staff Review Jake Alley  
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