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    Another Year Passed  

[05/17/2002]   Two years ago today, an innocent little review section opened up on RPGamer. Since then, it's grown to become what I feel is a great place for everyone to get the good, the bad, the merits and flames, of many an RPG. I thank everyone who has been with us for the long haul, and I welcome the new readers.

Oddly enough, two years ago today was also the release of Vagrant Story! So, we've put together a few reviews of it, for your enjoyment. I'd like to also wish a very happy birthday to Zack (aka ASV), the resident PsoV 'lackey', as well as Andrew (aka Castomel), our News Head and occasional spunky reviewer.

It is indeed the long-lost Paws, back from her break, and I'll be able to explain better next update what the heck kept me away for so long. I'm very glad to be back. I'd also like to wish Brian the best of luck as the new Head of Media.

   Welcome to the newly redesigned Points of View. What do you think?

 Submission Booboos -  Format is important

For those of you whom have yet to realize, our format of reviews is vastly different than any other site's. Unfortunately, we're still receiving many reviews in these foreign formats. Please, before submitting, take a peek at the reviews we have written, or even at the template. It'll save time and rejection notices ;)

  ~  Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis & Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Yet another milestone has been reached by Jade Falcon - he becomes the fourth Red Reviewer ever on our site. Congratulations! And to all who submitted Vagrant Story reviews - thank you. Now off to E3!
Enjoy our new layout, and extra special thank you to Zack for our new design and Castomel (News Head) for converting the archives, among other things. Bear with us as the rest of the section is overhauled in the new layout, if anything is misplaced, feel free to drop us a line.

Vagrant Story - Retroview
  The Vagrant From Traditional RPGs 10 Reader Review Essence Knight  
Aidyn Chronicles - Retroview
  The Worst Game Ever Made 1 Reader Review Jade Falcon  
Final Fantasy IV - Retroview
  The Classic Classic 8 Reader Review Jade Falcon  
Vagrant Story - Retroview
  A Giant Leap for Status Menus 7 Staff Review Paul Koehler  
Vagrant Story - Retroview
  Well...It Has A Good Story At Least 3 Staff Review Brian Rogovitz  
Vagrant Story - Retroview
  The Plot That Binds 8 Staff Review Brandon Daiker  
Breath of Fire 2 - Review
  Steady Downward Trend 3 Staff Review Zachary Lewis  
Arc The Lad Collection - Review
  The Extras 8 Staff Review Jake Alley  
Arc The Lad - Review
  Arc The Lad 6 Staff Review Jake Alley  
Arc The Lad II - Review
  Arc The Lad II 9 Staff Review Jake Alley  
Arc The Lad III - Review
  Arc The Lad III 3 Staff Review Jake Alley  
Legend of Dragoon - Retroview
  Intolerably Average 4 Staff Review Andrew Long  
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