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Pop Will Eat Itself

[05/07/02]: Why reference the name of this industrial band? Well, my latest paper in journalism class was a chance to slam "Total Request Live" on MTV for 15% of the semester grade. Undergraduate work has its benefits at times.
With E3 coming up in three weeks - one must wonder whether all the upcoming titles will "eat themselves", but that's left for the gamers to decide. I hope to catch you all after the semester ends, and to all who are starting their prep work for final exams, I wish you luck.

On one final note - PSoV (Points of View) will be having its two year anniversary on May 17th - if any of you have played Vagrant Story, review it and send it to us for that update. And, don't forget to catch us on IRC.

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RPGamer has a database of over 500 games, and there are some games that don't meet the criteria for being covered by our site. Our Games page has the entire list of games we cover, and those are the titles that can be reviewed with our site. If an RPG you don't like isn't listed on the site, feel free to let us know about it and we'll consider adding coverage. For the review section's sake, if the game is not on the Games Page list, we won't accept a review for it. Enough said.
  - Paul "Amish" Koehler

E3 Rocks....WOOOO!
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Amish: Desh - my goodness! Congratulations on your promotion, that would make you the seventh gold writer ever for the site, and at a record-breaking pace. Congratulations, and give us a blurb for our next update!
Final Fantasy VIII (PC) - Retroview
I Don't Know What Possessed Me To Play This Again... 3 Reader: Desh
King's Field 4 - Review
Return of the King 6 Staffer: Martin Drury

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