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[04/15/02]: Today is all too appropriate for our American readers - April 15th can be considered a blessing or curse depending on your financial situation, and it's really a shame that games can't be counted as tax deductions. Nevertheless, the long-delayed spring (even in Amish country) has finally arrived.
And with Spring comes a whole new spawn of titles - most of them for the Windows platform, but some other favorites for the consoles as well. The question is, will these titles live up to their hype or fade away as a waste of time? Consider it something we can always count on. Later everyone, and thanks for the work.

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Self-Proofing and Broken Link Notices
Something we've all failed to do at least once. Our English teachers had good intentions in mind while forcing first and second revisions - if anything, these will save you (and us) a lot of trouble by eliminating small mistakes that can take up a lot of time. Also, PSoV has a changing list of broken links and coding errors that need to be fixed from time to time, and any help in identifying these errors would be appreciated. If we miss a markup tag in your review or have a broken link in a page, let us know!
  - Paul "Amish" Koehler

Accountants Rejoice - A Holiday Awaits!
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Amish: Pay tribute or flame one of the first RPG titles on the PS2 - props to Noj Airk for a counterpoint review, always a welcome feature :) A warm welcome to first-time reviewer Phillipe Richer, and congratulations to Noj Airk (again) for striking Bronze. Excellent work guys.
Shadow Hearts - Review
The Black Sheep of Them All 8 Reader: Phillipe Richer
Wild Arms 2 - Retroview
Not So Wild 4 Reader: Vic
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery - Retroview
The Legend of the Drunken Sorcerer 7 Reader: Noj Airk
Legend of Dragoon - Retroview
Stop The Endless Heroes! 3 Staffer: Zachary Lewis
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery - Retroview
Woe To The One Who Stumbles Upon This... 2 Staffer: Paul Koehler

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