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What's That On Your Shirt!?!?

[04/01/02]: How's that for a lame April Fools joke? I could try short sheeting everyone's bed next year, but I doubt that RPGamer would spot me the money for so many plane tickets. As per PsoV custom, our April 1st update contains only reviews that are funny, absurd, or blatantly terrible. In other words... Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

On another note, reviews have been sorely lacking of late, and so I've decided to take Final Fantasy VI off of the 'locked games' list a month early. Hurry up and review it while you've got the chance, though, because once it hits 10 reader reviews, it gets locked until Halloween like so many other things. Also, keep in mind that PC reviews are still especially welcome! Seeya next week with your regularly scheduled update.

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Although some of you were probably unaware, we accept spoof reviews for our April Fool's Day update. The catch to this now is that we will not be accepting them more than a month prior to the big day. Keeping them in the mail system for 6 months could potentially cause a few problems, so just save them up until March.
  - Zachary "ASV" Lewis

April Showers Lead To E3 = Uber Rock!
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ASV: Where, oh where, did all the reviewers run off to? Write reviews! I beg of you!
Final Fantasy X - Spoof
Final Fantasy X - SPOOF! Reader: Desh
Thousand Arms - Spoof
Thousand Arms Is Pimpin On Wax Reader: MrCHUP0N
Illusion of Gaia - Spoof
And This One Time At Band Camp Reader: MrCHUP0N
The Legend of Zelda - Spoof
The Best Game Of All Time! Reader: Jade Falcon

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