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Midterm Maelstrom

[03/13/02]: Thanks for your patience everyone! Between sessions of job-hunting, midterms, and a REALLY bad game, we have four more reviews for you. And to most people's enjoyment, the shocker of Square and Nintendo's reunion should give us a great influx of new titles in the near future. To everyone sending in material and spending their time applauding (or flaming) these games, we thank you.

Speaking of which, hear's a belated tilde to everyone who got the quote right: ~ It was Kazuma from the new anime series "Scryed". To those of you who complained it was too easy: thanks, I'll look harder next time ;D

ASV: Well... We're a week late, I'll grant you that. But, when we get exactly 0 reviews in 7 days, we can't post much. A lot of you are probably going through the nightmare of midterms, and I say good luck to you all... But... Can you dig out your keyboard over spring break?

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Graphic Usage (Not a BooBoo!)
Note the emphasis on Not a BooBoo! Anyone who has a setup to capture graphics to use with their reviews are more than welcome (nay, encouraged) to do so. If this is the case, we'd prefer JPEG files. Other than that, thanks for the material ;D
  - Zachary "ASV" Lewis & Paul "Amish" Koehler

Spring Break in Amish Paradise
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ASV: Apparently our call to play the crappy games has finally taken affect. I haven't seen this many low scores since my sister's last math test...
Amish: One of the problems of being a reviewer is having to go through the bad games as well as the good, but our submitters this week slaved for a higher cause. They're doing the RPGamer community a service by telling us to keep our distance, and we thank you. Special thanks to Wirestars for her detailed review of Arcanum (PC Game review...:D)
Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura - Review
On The Eternal Conflict Between Natural And Supernatural Forces 9 Reader: Wirestars
Rhapsody - Retroview
A Musical Dissapointment 4 Reader: Vic
Breath of Fire 3 - Retroview
Where a Dragon Should Never Go 3 Reader: Jade Falcon
Final Fantasy V - Retroview
Some Things Are Best Left Where They Belong 4 Reader: Jade Falcon

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