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[01/23/02]: Well, we move on this week to officially commence our 2002 RPGness. And, in so doing, we also make notice that yesterday was Paws' 2nd anniversary with RPGamer! Way to go, tough chic! Let's make your 3rd, one to remember  :)  As for PsoV stuffage, I'd like everyone to keep PsoV's anniversary date in mind for future reference. May 17th, will have some interesting things happening this year, and we're gonna be asking for some assistance between now and then to make this place a booming, wonderful part of RPGamer, forever!
   And, in that spirit, our first request is that everyone who can, play (but don't review, just yet) Vagrant Story. It's a big piece of our project... One last thing; our resident lord and master of slimes, Googleshng, took the time to whip up this cute little graphic for Paws' anniversary. Fanart... Q&A... Staff happiness... What doesn't the gelatinous creature do around here?!

...(hopefully) many more to go! We love you Paws!

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  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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ASV: The return of MrCHUPON brings with it an excellent review of Golden Sun. Keep those reviews flowing. Also of note... Paws and I both lost our bet that this update would have 3 or 4 Final Fantasy X reviews in it. Shame on all of you for making us look dumb  >;)  Lastly, welcome Tony Green to the RPGamer team. His expertise in Japanese games is a resource we've long needed around here...
Final Fantasy X - Review
And So Enters A New Era 9 Reader: Paul Johnson
Final Fantasy X - Review
One Of The Finest Games Ever Created 10 Reader: TheShroud13
Golden Sun - Review
Golden Fun 9 Reader: MrCHUPON
Final Fantasy VIII - Retroview
And Now For Something Completely Different 9 Reader: Tyrone Swanson
The Legend of Zelda - Retroview
The Legend Begins 6 Reader: PEIJay
Final Fantasy VI - Retroview
The First Of The Great FFs 9 Reader: TheShroud13
Final Fantasy - Retroview
Birth Of A God 8 Reader: Desh
Dragon Warrior - Retroview
Because You Have Nothing Better To Do 4 Reader: jaraph
Fire Emblem: Geneaology of Holy the War - Retroview
War Games Were Never This Fun... 7 Staffer: Tony Green
Golden Sun - Review
Of Elemental Magic And Jellybeans 8 Staffer: Zachary Lewis

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